North Coast CNPS

January 8th - Wednesday, 7:30 PM
Butterflies of Coastal Humboldt County

Butterflies decorate the native plants of Humboldt County and, in some cases, have direct relationships with specific hosts. Join us for a three-part presentation celebrating the butterfly diversity in the county. Local naturalist Bill Rodstrom will present a summary of the new North Coast Chapter’s guide to butterflies and host plants--many of which are available in our nursery. This will be followed by retired Eureka High School science teacher Robert Child’s quick guide to butterfly ID using his watercolor art, highlighted in a new poster celebrating the butterflies of coastal Humboldt. Posters will be available at the talk. Gary Falxa will wrap up the talk with a short discussion on monarch conservation and ecology. Come and get inspired for spring planting to enhance your garden’s wildlife!

Six Rivers Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Rd., Arcata
Refreshments at 7:00 PM - program at 7:30 PM
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