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To Join

1.  Send your name, address, and check (payable to CNPS) to CNPS, 2707 K St., Suite 1, Sacramento, CA 95816.

Membership fees: Individual $50; Plant Lover $120; Sudent or Limited Income $25. Higher levels available; see the state web site.


2. Join online by going to the state's web site (link in top of left column of this page).


Your membership makes us a larger organization, so legislators, other politicians, agency workers, and the public will listen when we talk.

Your membership provides financial support to the organization doing the most to preserve California's rich native flora.

Your membership makes you part of a group of like-minded people interested in, enthused by, and appreciating native plants.

Your membership gives you a way to share and spread your appreciation of native plants.

Your membership brings you our quarterly chapter newsletter Darlingtonia (on paper or online), the thrice-yearly state journal Fremontia, the quarterly Flora, and discounts at local and state plant-related retailers (See the most recent newsletter and the state web site for details.).

Membership is not necessary for attending our events, participating in our activities, or even reading our newsletter online. We think it is important to educate as many people as possible, so we offer these to the public free or low cost. We think people join our organization for what it does, not for what they get.

The North Coast Chapter is a member organization of the Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC), a valuable voice for conservation in our area. We have a seat on their board of directors. The NEC is the only organization with which we share our mailing list. We think it is important that our members receive Econews, an informative publication about local conservation issues. If you are not a member of NEC, we pay for you to recieve Econews. You can reduce this cost to our chapter by joining NEC at or requesting your Econews be electronic.


The state office handles renewals. You will be sent a renewal notice a  month or more before your expiration date, which is printed on your newsletter mailing label.  Lacking that letter, you can renew by mailing the same information as when joining and, specifying it is renewal, or by registering on the state web site and proceeding there.

Address change.

If your address changes, please notify us (through the Contact Us page)! We don't want to lose you! You can also tell the state office by sending a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "Member Address Change" in the subject line. They will notify us monthly of changes.

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