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Field Trip: Samoa Dunes and Wetlands Day Hike

When: Sat, Jan 8 2022

Contact: Carol

This newest addition to conservation lands around Humboldt Bay offers scenic dunes, wet dune hollows, tangled willow thickets, sheltering pine forest, and an elfin Douglas-fir stand.  Besides absorbing the generally magnificent feel of the area, our goals will be 1)to enjoy the diversity of bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) and 2) to find the patch of Hairy Manzanita and see if it is blooming.  We will walk about 3 miles, much on sand.  

Field Trip: Sue-meg State Park Day Hike

When: Sat, Dec 5 2021

Contact: Carol

The spruce forest, coastal bluffs, coastal meadow, and rocky outcrops of Patrick's Point State Park always have some surprise among the diverse plants there. Is the grape fern still on the steps on Ceremonial Rock? Has the Tracy's Mistmaiden been awakened by fall rains? We will walk 2-4 miles on park trails.

Burned Forest Day Trip.

When: Sat, Nov 6 2021

Contact: Carol

Many of us read about the fires that burned great swaths of California's forests, but have yet to experience it. The Knob Fire on the southeast of Willow Creek created a nearby (to the coast) place to see the aftermath of a wildfire. We will drive up Friday Ridge Rd. from Highway 299., east of Willow Creek and just before the bridge over the South Fork Trinity River, stopping for short walks where appropriate.  We will see the ashes, the black snags, the sprouting shrubs, the unburned patches, and surely surprises.

Horse Mountain Day Hike

When: Sun Oct 3, 2021

Contact: Carol

We saw Horse Mountain in Six Rivers National Forest in early spring. Let's see it in early fall. Indian Butte Rd. has both serpentine and "normal" soils, rocky outcrops, and in normal years a seep and wet ditch. Manzanitas, ceanothuses, conifers, and succulents are guaranteed. We will make a loop trail by returning via the old ski slope up to the radio towers on the summit.

Fall Native Plant Sale

When: Sat Sept 25, 2021 - Sun Sept 26, 2021

Participating native plant growers for this sale were: Samara Restoration, Lost Foods, Mattole Restoration Council, Beresford Bulbs, Brants Plants and Bob Vogt.

Inventory List

Ocean Ranch Day Hike

When: Sun Sept 19,2021

Contact: Carol

Even at the end of a droughty summer the wetlands in the Eel River estuary will have water and lush plants. We will walk 2-4 miles in Calif. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife's Ocean Ranch Unit and Table Bluff County Park, finding pasture, dune, and wetland plants. We might add a visit to the South Spit. See Hike 51 in Hiking Humboldt vol. 2.

Groves Prairie Day Hike

When: July 31, 2021

Contact: Carol

Unusual in our rugged mountains, Groves Prairie is a fairly level meadow, at 4,000 ft elevation, with a creek and surrounded by Douglas-fir forest, some of it old growth. It is time to see how it has survived the five years since our last visit. Will the Grape Fern be in the meadow, the Kneeling Angelica in the stream, the two species of yampah in the wet meadow, the Trillium-leaved Sorrel by the little bridge? Will the four species of gooseberries and currants have fruits? We will walk one to two miles in and around the meadow to answer these questions, some of it on a trail (unless it is overgrown). Groves Prairie is two hours away in Six Rivers National Forest, up Forest Service roads north out of Willow Creek. Dress for the weather (Remember, it is higher elevation) and off-trail walking; bring lunch and water. Camping Saturday night at the primitive Forest Service campground could be an option. Forest fires might disrupt this plan.

Volunteer Appreciation Party

IMG 20210709 172550 01 01

When: June 9th 2021, 4-6p

Where: Humboldt Coastal Nature Center

Hosts: Friends of the Dunes

On a beautiful summer evening and in between mask ordinances, volunteers were able to gather to celebrate a year of challenging but successful volunteer work. A few members were gifted handmade gardening aprons. The volunteer event included fun refreshments, volunteer awards and concluded  with a beautiful stroll in the dunes. 

Spring 2021 Wildflower Show

The Spring 2021 Wildflower Show is viewable here!

December 2020 Holiday Interlude

To celebrate the holiday season, the state CNPS recently launched a fun competition called “Wreathmasters.”  3 of our local members took up the challenge and foraged in the redwood forest around the property of one of those members to collect materials.  The rules require at least 51% native plants collected on private property.  See their 100% native wreaths below!   See more at

      WreathByAnita     Anita's wreath

redwood, salal, snowberry, inside-out flower leaves, rose hips, sword fern, Sitka spruce, mushrooms, hypogymnia sp., moss, usnea sp.

     WreathByBarbara      Barbara's wreath

cedar, redwood, snowberry, mushrooms, hypogymnia sp., rose hips, moss, red alder cones and catkins, moss, usnea sp.

      WreathBySharon   Sharon's wreath

salal, bracken, sword fern, usnea sp., coyote brush, rose hips, evergreen huckleberry, wax myrtle, douglas fir, oak, mushrooms  

Spring 2020 Wildflower Show

The Spring 2020 Wildflower Show was cancelled due to Covid. 

However, the Virtual Spring 2020 Wildflower Show is viewable here!


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