North Coast CNPS

Creeping Across the Sand
[5/3 3:31p]

Many dune plants survive by staying low, out of the wind. The ones on this page are all perennials, and they all have the ability to propagate through runners, stolens, or stem nodes as well as by seed.
You'll find beach strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis) plants stretching out in all directions.

Yellow sand verbena (abronia latifolia) helps stabilize moving sand dunes. Its huge roots hold water that sustain the plant through long dry summers.

Beach morning glories (calystegia soldanella) also stretch across the dunes, and get pollinated by tiny bugs. They have a long blooming period from Spring through Summer.

This exquisite, tiny flower graces the beach knotweed (polygonum paronychia), a low-growing plant of the mid dunes. You'll have to get down on your knees to see this one's true beauty!
Beach evening primrose (camissonia cheiranthifolia) hugs the ground, and produces deep yellow flowers all summer.