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A community ‘TAKE ONE, LEAVE ONE’ Art Share event in celebration of spring Wildflowers.
Wildflower art, created by the community, will be shared and celebrated throughout April. Events include Friday Night Art Demos, Community Little Free Wildflower Art Galleries, Facebook & Instagram Wildflower Art Shares, Location list to visit Little Free Galleries, plus, Wildflower Art prompts for children and the young at heart!

You are invited to share your Wildflower Art!
• Our Wildflower 'Take one/Leave one’ Art Share is open to everyone. The Art Share Wildflower format is 3” x 3” max, any medium and display ready (stiff enough to lean upright - no hooks needed). *Practice Covid-safe distancing & always wear a mask when within 6 feet of others*

Little Free Library owners: Join the 'Little Free Wildflower Art Gallery' circuit! Convert your 'LittleFreeLibrary' to an Art Gallery for the month. Just temporarily remove the books, and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for free colorful signage & to have your Little Free Wildflower Art Gallery added to the location list. More info here.
Zoom Meeting
Talks and demonstrations tempting enough that everyone
will want to make their own Wildflower Art.
No previous art experience necessary.
Click links to watch.
APRIL 2 at 7: 00PM ~ Welcome to Art Share April & Little Free Wildflower Galleries, plus, 'How to See a Wildflower' ~ Annie Reid will discuss Wildflowers, Art & demonstrate how she sketches using her iPad in the field. Her art can be seen at
APRIL 9 at 7: 00PM ~ Patricia Sennott presents 'Pen & Watercolor fun with Flowers'
APRIL 16 at 7: 00PM ~ Rick Tolley presents 'Walk in Beauty, Wildflowers'. presents 'Walk in Beauty, Wildflowers'. Rick hosted Wildflower Art Nights for many years, sharing his love of wildflowers throughout our community. Tolley will share field sketches and demonstrate how his paintings evolve. 
APRIL 23 at 7:00PM ~ Amanita Mollier presents 'Silkscapes' presents 'Silkscapes'. Mollier is the featured artist throughout 2021 at Coast Central Credit Union. Amanita will share her painting process as well as stories of how she finds her wildflower scenes.
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An online Community sharing of Wildflower Art!
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For children and the young at heart!
Map of locations
Updated April 3, 2021
Thank you to The Ink People Center for the Arts, The Space @ Art Center Frame, Miller Farms, Piersons Garden Shop, The Sanctuary Arcata, McKinleyville Middle School & others for hosting LFWGalleries. Location list will be updated as installations complete.
Plus, an invitation to Little Free Library owners
Join the Little Free Wildflower Art Gallery circuit! Convert your LittleFreeLibrary to an Art Gallery for the month. For free colorful signage & to be put your Little Free Wildflower Gallery on the location list, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. More info here.


vector art modified from images on vec teez y.

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