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California Native Plant Society

North Coast Chapter

presents its annual fall

Native Plant Sale


Saturday, September 12       10 A.M. TO 3 P.M.

At Jacoby Creek Land Trust  (2182 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside)

  • shade plants such as wild ginger, inside-out flower, sugar scoop, miterwort, piggy-back plant, boykinia and ferns.
  • for butterflies, moths, bees, and hummingbirds we offer monkey flowers, penstemons, salvias, buckwheat, grasses, California fuchsia, beeplant, columbine and more.
  • for birds and the insects that they eat we have shrubs, many of them berry-producers, to create a hedgerow or screen.
  • for form and year-round interest we suggest grasses - we have five species, both tall and short.
  • for groundcovers there are beach strawberry, silverweed and modesty.
  • perennials, ferns, grasses, bulbs, shrubs, and trees, for both sun and shade.

You will find what you need for your backyard habitat, front yard showpiece or pot on your deck. Your problem will be too little space to plant all you want!  Be ready for all that winter rain! Fall is planting time!

Plants from our volunteer growers and volunteer-run nursery, plus our partners Samara Restoration Nursery and Lost Foods Native Nursery.


All events are open to the public; most are free; more will be added.  Click on dates to get more info., or visit our  complete calendar.  You can also be notified of events by e-mail.

  Evening programs are the second Wednesday of each month, Sept.-May, at the Six Rivers Masonic  Lodge,  251 Bayside Rd., Arcata. Refreshments at 7:00 p.

Sept. 9, Wed. 7:30 p.m."Tropical Fungi: New Insights from the Guiana Shield and Congo Basin" with Dr. Terry Henkel

Sept. 12, Sat. Native Plant Sale at the chapter nursery, 2182 Old Arcata Rd, Bayside 826-7257.

Sept. 13, Sun. Elk River Spit Day Hike.  822-2015.

Sept. 26,Sat. Insect-aided Botany: learning about plants by studying galls.  Field trip.  822-2015

Oct. 4, Sun. Tolowa Dunes Day, a field trip.   822-2015

Oct. 14, Wed. 7:30 pm. Program by Laura Julian

Nov. 7, Sat. Field trip. Save the date.

Nov. 11, Wed. 7:30 pm. "L., God's Registrar" program with Dr. James P. Smith



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