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Places to See Native Plants

Seeing native plants in their natural habitats is one of the favorite activities of CNPS members and something we want everyone to do. The chapter helps make this happen by offering short plant walks near our population centers and by organizing day trips and a few over-nighters to more distant sites. These trips are open to any interested person, not just members. We welcome beginners and experts; we enjoy learning from each other. See the activity list for upcoming trips, and look at the lists of past trips in the left column of that page.

Many wonderful guides to hiking in our area are in bookstores and on websites.  I find especially useful the two Hiking Humboldt volumes from Back Country Press.  Volume 1 by Ken Burton has hikes at least 5 miles long (which can be customized shorter), and volume 2 by Rees Hughes has shorter hikes.  For hikes in the Redwood parks, Jerry and Gisela Rohde have written Humboldt Redwoods State Park the Complete Guide and Best Short Hikes in Redwood National & State Parks.

The places we visit are usually open to the public.  We encourage you to explore there on your own. 
The plan is to add information about each place on this list.  If you would like to help develop and improve this list, please contact me! Carol Ralph, Field Trip Chair

Places Very Near Arcata-Eureka listed north to south

Hammond Trail
Azalea State Reserve
Mad River County Park
Lanphere Dunes Unit
Jolly Giant Creek
Humboldt State University campus - conifers
Arcata Community Forest
Arcata Town and Forest--Native Plants in Gardens and Nature. (Godwit Days walk)
Arcata Marsh
Jacoby Creek Canyon
Ma-le'l Dunes North and South
Humboldt Coastal Nature Center
Manila Dunes
Eureka Dunes
North Spit
Humboldt Area Foundation
Sequoia Park, Eureka
Elk River Trail in Headwaters Forest Reserve
Hikshari' Trail

Places North of Arcata-Eureka near to far, with approximate hours driving time

Baker Beach & Luffenholz Beach
Trinidad Head 0.5
Trinidad State Beach 0.5
Elk Head
Patrick's Point State Park
Big Lagoon County Park 0.5
Stagecoach Hill Azalea Mangement Area.
Dry Lagoon-Stone Lagoon Trail
Stone Lagoon north end
Old State Highway around Freshwater Lagoon
Bald Hills Rd
Redwood Creek Trail
Dolason Prairie Trail
Skunk Cabbage Trail
Prarie Creek Redwoods State Park--various trails
Coastal Road
Flint Ridge Trail
Coastal Trail--Requa to Lagoon Creek
Mill Creek Campground 1.5
Dead Lake
Lake Earl
Point Saint George 1.5
Tolowa Dunes
Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park
Stony Creek Trail near Gasquet 2
French Hill Rd
Myrtle Creek Trail
Rock Creek Ranch, South Fork Smith R. 2
High Divide Rd
Bear Basin Butte & Buck Lake
Sanger Lake
Rough and Ready Botanical Wayside
Oregon Caves National Monument 3
Siskiyou Mts. around Selma; Siskyou Field Inst.
Chetco River Redwoods 3

Places East of Arcata-Eureka alphabetically, with approximate hours travel

Ammon Prairie 2
Bair Rd. 1
Big Flat, Trinity Mts. 3
Board Camp Mt. 1
Burnt Ranch Campground 2
Cedar Camp area, out of Orleans 2
Cold Spring near Horse Mountain
Cook and Green Pass 3
East Fork Willow Creek 1
Friday Ridge Rd. 1
Grays Falls Campground 2
Grouse Mt. 1
Groves Prairie 2
Horse Mountain Botanical Area 1
Horse Mtn. to Spikebuck Meadow 1
Horse Mtn. to Grouse Mtn. 1
Kangaroo Lake 4
Lily Heaven (Bluff Creek Rd.)
Mad River Buttes (Board Camp Mtn.) 2
Mt. Lassen 4
Pine Ridge 1
Poker Flat & Kelly Lake 3
Scott Mtn. & Mt. Eddy 3
South Fork Trinity River Trail
Titlow Hill 1
Waterdog Lake 2

Places South of Arcata-Eureka alphabetically, with approximate hours travel

Alder Point 3
Benbow to Garberville Trail
Bull Creek - Albee  Creek area 2
Canoe Creek in Humboldt Redwoods S. P.
Elk River Trail, Headwaters Forest 0.5
Grasshopper Peak, Humboldt Redwoods S. P.
Grizzly Creek Redwoods S. P.
Guthrie Creek 2
Headwaters Forest 1
Humboldt Bay NWR - Loleta 1
Humboldt Botanical Garden 0.5
Lassics Botanical and Geological Area 3
Mail Ridge (Dyerville Loop Rd.) 2
Mattole Rd. 1
Mendocino - Jughandle, etc. 4
Rohner Park, Fortuna 0.5
Russ Park, Ferndale 1
Shapeero property, Hydesville 0.5
Table Bluff County Park 0.5
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