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Evening programs are free, public programs on the second Wednesday of each month, September through May, offered in person (as Covid protocols allow) at the Six Rivers Masonic Lodge, 251 Bayside Rd., Arcata, and online via Zoom. Refreshments at 7:00 p.m.; program at 7:30 p.m. Find the link to register for them on the home page of this website each month as the date approaches.

Outings are open to everyone, not just members. All levels of expertise, from beginners to experienced botanizers, are welcome. Address questions about physical requirements to the leader. It is wise to contact the leader before the trip, in case plans change.  We follow county covid advice regarding masks and group size.

icon 6Sat, Dec 5 2021

Field Trip: Sue-meg State Park Day Hike

The spruce forest, coastal bluffs, coastal meadow, and rocky outcrops of Patrick's Point State Park always have some surprise among the diverse plants there. Is the grape fern still on the steps on Ceremonial Rock? Has the Tracy's Mistmaiden been awakened by fall rains? We will walk 2-4 miles on park trails. Meet at 9 a.m. at Pacific Union School (3001 Janes Rd., Arcata). Dress for the weather; bring lunch and water. Contact Carol at 707-822-2015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

icon 6Wed, Dec 8 2021 at 7:30 p.m.

Evening Program: Research on Forest Trees, California Pitcher Plant, and Lichens"
Three recipients of our chapter's research grants share their research and findings:

Sophia Lemmo (pictured) measured and cored trees in 54 plots throughout our heavily timbered, diverse mountains to learn what died, what survived, and what regenerated before, during, and after the 2015 drought. Megan Teigan sampled many pitchers of California Pitcher Plant in three fens to study the bacteria living there and digesting the insects trapped by this carnivorous plant. And in the dramatic, botanically and geologically rich setting of the Horse Mountain Botanical Area Sarah Norvell focused on the lichens, documenting all species of macrolichens she encountered in hopes of creating a species checklist for Six Rivers National Forest.  A Zoom event only.  See the home page to register. 

icon 6Sat, Jan 8 2022

Field Trip: Samoa Dunes and Wetlands Day Hike.

This newest addition to conservation lands around Humboldt Bay offers scenic dunes, wet dune hollows, tangled willow thickets, sheltering pine forest, and an elfin Douglas-fir stand.  Besides absorbing the generally magnificent feel of the area, our goals will be 1)to enjoy the diversity of bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) and 2) to find the patch of Hairy Manzanita and see if it is blooming.  We will walk about 3 miles, much on sand.  Bring lunch and water; dress for the weather.  Vaccinated people only please; bring a mask.  Meet at 9 a.m. at Pacific Union School (3001 Janes Rd., Arcata) or at 9:30 a.m. at the gated, dirt parking area on the right side of New Navy Base Rd./ Highway 255, opposite Cookhouse Rd., about 1/4 mile south of Samoa Bridge. There are no facilities, but lots of trees.  Please tell Carol you are coming: 707-822-2015 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Find a bryophyte guide at

icon 6Wed, Jan 12 2022 at 7:30pm

Evening Program: Restoring Watersheds in Prairie Creek

Restoration of the Prairie Creek watershed, from its headwaters to its confluence with Redwood Creek, has been a major focus for Leonel Arguello, Chief of Resource Management and Science for Redwood National and State Parks.  He will tell about the dreams and the practicalities.  Possibly in-person as well as Zoom.

icon 6Wed, Feb 9 2022 at 7:30pm

Evening Program: Silvery Phacelia, Rare Coastal Dune Beauty of Del Norte County

Silvery Phacelia (Phacelia argentea) exists only in the dunes of Tolowa Dunes State Park and Lake Earl Wildlife Area near Crescent City.  Naturalist Sandra Jerabek, Director for the Tolowa Dunes Stewards, and Katrina Henderson, California State Parks, will share the secrets of this charismatic plant, and feature the heroic, ongoing efforts of volunteers to protect its scenic dune habitat and adjacent estuary.  Possibly in-person as well as Zoom.

icon 6Sun, Feb 27 2022

Field Trip: Destination TBD

icon 6Wed, Mar 9 2022 at 7:30p

Evening Program

In this evening program, native bee-man and native plant agriculture experimenter Brian Dykstra will touch on Wailaki ethnobotany, local botany, wildflowers, and wildfire.  Possibly in-person as well as Zoom.

icon 6Sun, Mar 27 2022

Field Trip: South Fork Trail Day Hike

Last year in March Ken Burton reported "huge patches of Indian Warrior and Fawn Lily, plus monkeyflower, hounds-tongue, larkspur, baby blue-eyes, popcorn flower, and many more" along this well known trail and the road to it in Six Rivers National Forest east of Willow Creek.  The trail is well graded but weakly maintained, meaning fallen trees can be obstacles.  Poison Oak is common.  We will walk out and back, probably covering 4-5 miles, not the entire trail to the river (8 miles round trip). Bring lunch and 2 quarts of water; dress for the weather. The trailhead is 2 hours from Arcata, including a bit of rough road. Be prepared for a long day, maybe dinner in Willow Creek.  Meet at 8:00 a.m. at Pacific Union School (3001 Janes Rs., Arcata) or arrange another place.  Tell Carol you are coming: 707-822-2015, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

icon 6Wed, April 13 2022

Evening Program:Three Serpentine Botanical Areas

John McCrea,  Three Serpentine Botanical Areas in Six Rivers National Forest.  Possibly in-person as well as Zoom.

icon 6Sun, April 10 2022

Field Trip: Destination TBD

icon 6Fri, April 30 - Sun May 2, 2022

Spring Wildflower Show

icon 6Sat, May 7 - Sun May 8 2022

Spring Native Plant Sale

icon 6Wed, May 11 2022 at 7:30p

Evening Program: TBD

icon 6Sun, May 22 2022

Field Trip: Van Eck Forest Day Trip

Van Eck Forest Day Trip with forester Jack from Pacific Forest Trust

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